Steeping means -’ to soak or be soaked in a liquid in order to soften/cleanse or extract an element.’ So when discussing steeping e-liquid - it is all about extracting more flavor.

When many customers order a liquid, depending on where you purchase it from, you may get a handcrafted liquid which would be made specific to your order, with your choice of pg/vg composition, extra flavoring, and nicotine content. Some sites sell pre-mixed liquid, which is bought in large quantities by the company, and subsequently sold in smaller usable increments such as 5ml-30ml more commonly.

Regardless of whether you receive the liquid pre-made, or handcrafted, you should always sample the flavor right from the bottle upon receiving it. This way you can gauge your level of satisfaction off the bat, and you can decide if the flavor may need a little adjusting if possible, or if it’s perfect for you.

If at this point you feel like the flavor isn’t living up to it’s potential, or you know this from previous experience, you have an option at hand. I have personally used this method of steeping and oxidizing for a few years, and I think you will be able to learn from my experience.

A simple method of steeping that many of you probably do without even thinking is giving the bottle a good shake before you use it. Some prefer to swirl the liquid around the bottle, but whichever method you choose you are in effect making sure that the ingredients are evenly distributed in the e-liquid. The heavier particles fall to the bottom of the bottle when it is not in use, and it could be argued that they are in effect ‘steeping’. Swirling and shaking loosens up the ‘steeped’ particles, and creates a more even and stronger flavor.

If you find yourself wanting to go a step further, you have a few different options. My method consists of about nine days. Keep in mind that this is all dependent on how far you are looking to alter or age your juice, and I definitely suggest trying it after every step to realize if indeed your flavor is where you want it to be. There is nothing worse than goong further than you need to, or waiting longer than necessary.

DAY 1:
Grab the bottle, firmly shake it for about twenty seconds. Place the bottle on it’s side, in a drawer. In about an hour, shake it again for about thirty seconds, uncap the bottle, and let it sit in a cool, dark place. Be sure to keep the bottle away from any other open bottles, as to not have any other influences which could possibly render the aroma or flavor of the developing liquid.

DAY 3:
Boil some water and place it in a bowl, allow to cool for a few minutes. Place your bottle of e-liquid into the bowl, and let it sit here for about 24 hours. Make sure that the bottle is closed at this point, as to not let the contents of the bottle ooze into the bowl of water. Leave it here overnight.

DAY 4:
Grab the bottle and take it out of the bowl. At this point we are going to shake the bottle vigorously and let the mixture homogenize and become uniform. Now we are going to oxidize the juice. Take the juice, take the cap off, and place in the original cool, dark, undisturbed place. Check it once a day, for up to maybe three days. If this is your first experiment with this particular flavor, you may want to do so because you may not want to continue further if you are already satisfied with the flavor that has already been developed. If you are satisfied, yet you want to keep going to experiment and see if it becomes even better with the process, by all means continue the process. You may notice the color of the liquid start to change. This is due to the oxidation of the liquid, and this is normal and expected.

DAY 6:
Put the cap back on, and place the bottle in the fridge for about 6 hours. I do not recommend doing this if you have more than 40% VG in your juice, because in my experience it tends to dull the flavor. Keep in fridge overnight, no longer than 18 hours.

DAY 7:
Test the liquid. Compare it to the level of satisfaction you had from previous experience, and see if this is something that is worth doing. In my experience, I find this to be especially satisfying with bottles of 30ml or higher, with at least 70% PG or higher, with complex flavors. Rich tobaccos, dessert flavors, and citrus flavors tend to yield the best results with this method.

If you want to keep it simple however, just shake your bottle, uncap your bottle, place in dark, cool place for 24 hours, and then repeat for three days. The above method is recommended when you want to mature a certain favorite flavor to see where the age, oxidation, and steeping can take the vaping experience. The end result is just to be as satisfied as possible.

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  • Emily on May 20, 2015

    I feel that this is best for beginners. The above mentioned recipe will make a great taste.I liked it.

  • andrews on September 27, 2014

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  • amr on September 02, 2014

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  • James on March 13, 2014

    Hello fellow vapers; thank you so much for a great 123 on steeping it is written well.
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  • Heidi on January 28, 2014

    How do you know if an e juice needs to be steeped before using?

  • UM3 on May 15, 2013

    @Mickie To elaborate a little more from Betamorph Ecigs. What VG (Vegetable Glycerin) does is provide more vapor when you inhale/exhale. The PG (Propylene Glycol) give you a better hit that you feel in the back of your throat (throat hit). It’s there to help better simulate the feel of smoking a real cigarette. The PG usually provides a stronger flavor while the VG mutes it a bit.

    So really, you have to find a good balance that works for you in terms of flavor/vapor production. For someone that likes a stronger throat hit with more flavor they might go with a 80% PG/20% VG solution. At the other end, for the people that don’t like throat hit and prefer a mellower vape, they might go with 30% PG/ 70% VG. You just have to find your right mixture.

    Happy vaping!

  • Betamorph Ecigs on April 21, 2013

    This was a great article. I appreciate the lending hand and sound feedback based on real experience. I’ll be using this method and will make sure to keep in touch about any findings.

    Mickie: Most of the time if you buy a bottle from somebody it will say the ratio on the bottle… i.e. 70/30 – 60/40 – etc. 70 would be the PG (Propylene Glycol) and the 30 would be the VG (Vegetable Glycerin).

  • mickie on April 11, 2013

    How do i know if my juice contains 40% vg… what is vg anyway?

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