Electronic Cigarette Troubleshooting Tips


It can be very frustrating when there seems to be issues with your device. Sometimes it could be something simple like running low on liquid, running out of battery charge, or simply burning out your atomizing device (cartomizer/tank/clearomizer). Having the power of knowledge is something that can save you time, money, energy, as well as prevent you from going back to smoking. Here are a few common problems that arise with devices that Vape Dojo provides.


Problem: I charged my battery and nothing happens! The button on my vape doesn't light up at all!

Answer: Click the battery button really quick five or six times. This will unlock the battery. Click fast like you are double-clicking a mouse. Click it like this to lock and unlock the battery. This is a good feature to have if you want to carry your vape in your pocket or purse and do not want it to activate unintentionally.

My battery light is on, and my clearomizer is screwed on, but there is no vape! 

This is most likely a center-pin issue. Usually this happens when the center pin connected to the battery, where the clearomizer/cartomizer/tank connects to the battery is recessed because of a previous attachment causing it to slightly collapse. This is something that happens to the best of us, and can easily be fixed. There are a few things you can do at this point. You can take a nail-file, the kind attached to a nail-clipper, and raise the center-pin gradually by the edges of it with the file. You may need to raise it by three or four different angles to evenly graduate the center pin back to it’s original spot. Make sure that you do not use too much force, because this may cause the pin to completely dislodge from the battery. If you are using mostly ego threaded devices such as the ego cartomizers or our clearomizers, you do not have to completely tighten them onto the battery for them to work. Over tightening can cause the pin to collapse again, depending on how loose the pin has become. Here is a good video made by someone else that shows the problem and the fix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x95J3ljQ54

To prevent this issue, do not wrench down when you screw things onto your battery. Just do enough to make sure it makes contact.

My clearomizer is leaking juice from the bottom, what is going on, or is this just junk?
Clearomizers can have the tendency of leaking for a couple different reasons. If it is new, it is usually because it has been overfilled, or there is liquid in the center air-tube, and it is leaking from the battery connection. You can confirm it is this by trying to take a puff, and seeing if you can get a clear, clean hit or if it’s gurgling. There is an easy solution for this, for clearomizers. Simply blow through the cartomizer through the mouthpiece, with a tissue at the end to catch the liquid coming out of the air-tube. This may be more difficult if you are using a juice with a higher amount of vegetable glycerin because the liquid would be thicker.

My clearomizer is STILL leaking...I blew out all the fluid from the airhole, but liquid is acutally coming out from the side of the clearomizer where the metal meets the glass... It’s getting everywhere, I am wasting juice, and my pocket is full of juice. Do I have to throw this away?
This usually happens with the rebuildable clearomizer. What will happen is the bottom connection of the clearomizer is not completely screwed on to the body of the clearomizer. Just simply get a good grasp on the bottom, maybe with a little pair of pliers, and gently but firmly screw the body of the clearomizer on, making sure that it is completely mesh with the indentations of the screws correctly. Don’t overtighten!

There is still juice leaking, even though I tightened it completely on, and it is still coming from the side of the glass itself. What happened?
This is where the clearomizer may be too far gone. It may be because parts of the clearomizer were overtightened and subsequently cracked under pressure, might be because the clearomizer became too hot from constant repetitive vaping, or it might even be from shipping, falling, or some other type of trauma. There is not much you can do at this point, and it is up to your discretion if it’s worth taping up and letting the show go on, or if it is too much of a headache and not worth the time or energy.

I just received my cartomizer. I just filled it up, but now when I try to take a hit and fire the battery, I get no suction, and then all of a sudden I’ll get a surge and liquid will pop into my mouth! After that happened, I take a puff, and it goes from being completely clogged to giving little gurgles and I am getting little, if any vapor out of it. What’s going on?
What happened in this case is the cartomizer was overfilled, and the excess liquid is preventing it from functioning properly. Take the cartomizer off of the battery, and take a napkin/tissue and use your pinky finger to poke into the battery connection area of the cartomizer and dab the area. You will see when you take your pinky out that there will be liquid saturating the napkin. Use a dry part of the napkin, and with your pinky repeat the process. Do this until you see no more liquid on the napkin when you try to wipe it. Also you should clean the battery connection plate/center-pin of your battery with a q-tip, to wipe off extra juice. Now simply try to inhale through the cartomizer and check to see see if you receive a clear hit, without it being connected to the battery. If there is still an obstruction, then put the napkin on the end of the cartomizer, and gently blow through the cartomizer, and repeat the cleaning process. Repeat these instructions until you can get a clean, clear hit through your cartomizer.

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Comments (230)

  • Jonathan on November 19, 2014

    @Colt from post on October 19, 2014.

    Tried your trick and after weeks of messing with it, it finally started charging. Thanks man will keep your trick in mind for future issues.

    From Colt “took my battery and sat it upside down with contact facing the table. I tapped it on the table, not too hard but just a little force. Plugged it in and the charger light was red. Took it off and it’s now fully functioning. Make sure not to tighten to much, this seems to be the problem at least in my case and hopefully your as well. Very simple fix”

  • andy hunter on November 12, 2014

    i bought a ego-t and have only used it for 5 mins then nothing..i have trawled the internet and done the pin thing.i have just plugged it into a wall socket after hearing it could blow up my pc and its still not working…my day of packing in fags has nopw lead me to getting very stressed and smoking again..execpt LOTS more than befor this e gig arrived

  • crystal on November 06, 2014

    I purchased a ego t style vape pen. When first got it I pushed the button 5x’s to cut it on. When I plugged up my pen, my charger has a green light like it is charging, but my blue led light is not lighting up when charging….. Please help.

  • caylum on October 27, 2014

    my e-gig/vaporizer isnt producing as much smoke as it used to ive cleaned it and added more fluid but nothing seems to work ive even tried a different battery so i know it must be a problem with the tank but is there a way i may be able to fix this without buying a new one?

  • Kyle on October 23, 2014

    I have a e go x6 and I pluged it in and it charged but now the light won’t turn on or anything

  • Jackson on October 22, 2014

    I tried using my tank with a stinger battery than it could really handle.. Now my battery lights up but, even after adjusting the center pin, no vapor. Did I totally mess up my tank with one hit of too much voltage?

  • Colt on October 19, 2014

    Just fixed mine. When I plugged it in to the charger the charger was green and my ecigs light was on. When I pulled it off, the battery light wouldn’t come on. I cleaned all contact points on charger and battery, still nothing. After a day of messing with it here and there, finally I took my battery and sat it upside down with contact facing the table. I tapped it on the table, not too hard but just a little force. Plugged it in and the charger light was red. Took it off and it’s now fully functioning. Make sure not to tighten to much, this seems to be the problem at least in my case and hopefully your aswell. Very simple fix

  • Nabil on October 16, 2014

    I bought a shisha pen, at first it worked, then after I charged the battery, and try to take a hit, I can hear it working and the led works but I don’t get any smoke out. Can you tell me what the problem is please


  • dalton on October 15, 2014

    I am having the most common problem as a lot of ur other customers, as I go to take a hit my Led light blinks 3 times. It wont turn off or on. Can please help, thanks

  • Dustin on October 11, 2014

    every time i fully charge my battery my vapor pen doesnt want to work. it will blink once and thats it til i hook it back up to the charger to get it to reset. then i have to take the battery (nothing else attached) and hold the button several times with the light on guessing thats using some of the battery power and eventually the pen will work. Any Ideas?

  • Pancho on October 11, 2014

    I just got my cousin an x6 battery with an iclear tank and every time he takes a hit the light shows up but nothing comes out?

  • Anonymous on October 07, 2014


    charge ur battery …thats why the lights blinking

  • Sarah on September 29, 2014

    I’ve charged mine overnight and all day. When I try to take a hit the blue light just blinks 3 times, I’ve tried clicking it 5 times to lock and unclock, but it doesn’t work. It just keeps blinking 3 times. Please help!

  • stephanie on September 29, 2014

    When I tried to hit my vapor it would function normal I just wasnt getting any vapor… I watched the video on the center pin and how to fix.. I did that and YES! Vapor! Then my next pull.. Small.. My next.. Nothing!? UGH!! I don’t understand!? Please help I don’t want to fix the center pin before each drag.. There has to be a better way to fix my problem!!??

  • Nick on September 24, 2014

    Hi my problem is when i try to vape i press the button and it just starts blinking….. What should i do to fix this? My 1st day having this

  • Shannon on September 24, 2014

    I’m having the same problem as a few others. I’ve set my battery to charge and when I push the button, the light comes on and stays on. When I attach the tank, the light flashes and then goes off. I’ve tried the fast clicking to see if that was the issue but it doesn’t change anything.
    Any thoughts? Anyone already had this problem resolved?

  • Nikko on September 09, 2014

    I cleaned the upper part of my ego ce6 and after that it not working anymore, what the problem? What can I do?

  • Linda on September 04, 2014

    I charged my battery out it together and clicked it 5 or 6 times still no light please help

  • Matt on September 03, 2014

    Won’t charge. I have had it on charge for 4 hours now. The red led on the charger is on and also a blue light on the e-cig. When I try and use it all I get is a the flashing blue light suggesting my battery is dead. What am I doing wrong? . Tried clicking 5-6 times to unlock the battery but still nothing. At the end of my teather here and just considering going back to cigs.
    Can anyone help or advise me please ……

  • Tyler on September 01, 2014

    Someone put vanilla extract in my ecig where the juice goes and now when I smoke the ecig it feels like it is jammed and no vapor comes out, please help me

  • Len on August 31, 2014

    Click it 5 to 6 times and working again, thanks.

  • Brett on August 31, 2014

    When I click the button all it does is blink 8 times. seems like it is stuck on off mode or something but i tried to click 5 times to turn back on and nothing changes….HELP

  • Kodie bellew on August 29, 2014

    I click the button 5x on the battery to turn on my battery and there is no light. So I put it on the charger and it is shows the light and is fully charged. What do I do?

  • Alex on August 25, 2014

    I can’t screw in the cartomizer part to the battery. I also am having trouble screwing in he battery to the charger. I just purchased the liquid white rhino vaporizer btw.

  • jenni on August 11, 2014

    So i dropped my VX EGO-CE4 and now my button doesnt work. its not stuck it just wont light up or let me take a “drag” yet it lights up when i charge it. i tried the five click thing and nothing happened!! help me please!!!

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