Katana Kit III - Kanger Evod Single Kit


Snag some juice, and this kit has everything you need to start vaping!

The Kit includes:

  • Kanger Evod 650mah ego battery - regulated at 3.7 volts
  • Bottom Coil Kanger evod with replaceable head
  • USB charger

We are very pleased and proud to present our Katana Kit III. This is like Vape Dojo perfectly executing a crane kick and winning the match. Pure Awesomeness. Other kits can cost up to 80 or 90 bucks, and they give you a bunch of stuff that you don't need. We worked to keep the price down while giving you the most advanced products on the market. We know you will enjoy this kit. We sure have. 
To refill vape juice:
* Unscrew the tank from the bottom
* Fill 1.4ml-1.6ml of vape juice from a 60 degree angle
* Do NOT pour the vape juice into the tube in the middle. The tube is for airflow.
* Wait 1-2 minutes for the juice to feed into the coil before you start to vape.

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